Sunday, September 10, 2006


Voting For Sanity

The 2006 Mid-Term elections are less than 60 days away, and anyone with even a passing interest in politics is well aware how important and crucial these elections are. We are in dire and desperate need of a return of oversight, balance, and the restoration of Checks and Balances to our government. The GOP's position essentially centers around "security", as they again try to scare citizens into supporting a bizarre and ridiculous claim that they alone can protect the American people from harm. National security should never be a partisan issue, yet by continuing to divide, frighten and polarize the nation, the Bush administration and their lock-step, rubber stamp Congressional sheep have failed in their job and responsibility again and again. Perhaps people need to be made aware (or be reminded) that members of Congress also take an oath to "support and defend the Constitution", not to blindly follow an administration, party, policy or agenda. This lack of oversight is a clear and inexcusable dereliction of duty. Regardless of party affiliation, members of both the House and The Senate are elected and required to govern at the behest of the governed - the American people.

With this in mind, here are some basic progressive "talking points" to use when encountering current right wing rhetoric.

Anyone who supports or advocates a permanent one party Congressional majority opposes Democracy.
Anyone who suppresses alternate views, dissent, and healthy debate opposes Democracy.
Anyone who places their political party's agenda ahead of the Security of the country opposes Democracy.
• You can disagree with the President's foreign policy and still support the troops (Even a disgraced bug-killer would agree).
• When confronted by a fellow citizen who supports and advocates these types of authoritarian ideology, ask them: "Why do you hate Democracy"?

Make sure you are registered to vote. If you aren't, do it today. Do no use electronic voting machines. Demand a paper ballot. If possible vote by absentee ballot. If possible exercise early voting. Demand that your Senators and Representatives support serious election reform. Call, write, volunteer, get involved. Dare to care about the State of our Union. Vote for Change. Vote for Democracy. Vote for the good of our country. Vote for Sanity.

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