Thursday, October 05, 2006


Have You Had Enough?

Have you had enough of an adminstration who's policy is based on lies, spin and the constant use of fear to advance a self-serving agenda?
Of a GOP Congressional majority who continually refuses to provide oversight, while rubber-stamping the policies of an over-zealous, corporatist, neo-con controlled Executive branch? Of being branded anti-American by simply having the courage to speak up against injustice, malfeasance, and those who violate their oaths of office by refusing to defend and uphold the U.S. Constitution? Of public officials who place blind party loyalty above the safety and security of the United States? Of a lazy, propaganda bloated media machine, riddled with distortion, smears, and personal attacks and dares to call itself "news"? Of a lumbering bureacracy intent on enriching themselves at the expense of American citizens? Of a fanatic, lunatic fringe minority intent on forcing their relgious beliefs on all Americans?

Have you had enough?

Then stand up, speak out, and vote. Be a patriot, not a loyalist. Vote for Truth. Vote for
Change. Vote on or before November 7th. Vote for America.